• " AUTISM has a huge spectrum, on one end you have a child who may never learn to speak or do daily activities without help and on the other hand you have other children who are able to live a relatively normal life with minimum assistance "

  • " There has been a lot of research on Children with Autism. However, not much data is available on the quality of life of autistic adults "

  • " Primarily the only support of autistic adults are their parents. Social support outside the immediate family is lacking "

  • " Independent living programs or life skills will help people with autism to improve their quality of life "

  • " Varied models of Assisted Living is the need of the hour for Autistic Adults "

  • Become a Volunteer

    " One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time "
    " Lack of communication skills isolates autistic people socially "
    " Become their friend "
    " Spend time with them "
    " Come and play an instrument teach them a song or two "
    " Take them out "
    " Share your skill and knowledge "

Assisted Living

Parents of special need children are plagued with “ what after us” question all their lives. ALAP was setup to answer that question. Our aim is to provide lifelong care and create an environment wherein all the opportunities will be available for a young adult with Autism to learn and live with as much independence as he can with minimum assistance

Awareness Programs

Through our social media page on Facebook: Forum for Assisted Living Solutions, we have been collating information on the existing and the upcoming residential models all over the country.

Forum for Assisted Living Solutions :

Mobilizing Community

No person can survive without the support from the immediate environment and its people, more so the person with special need, as a matter of fact even their families need extended support. Through our various programs like respite care, and organising workshops, and sensitising the various facets of the communities,we are mobilising the support system

Welcome to A.L.A.P

Assisted Living for Autistic Persons (ALAP) was founded in 2018 with the sole purpose of addressing the “What After Us?” question, which haunts every parent of a special need child!

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